Thanks Airside

You’ve been an inspiration! Watch their farewell reel here.


Anthony Burrill motion graphics tribute to Frank Stella

Introducing…the Posavec

Watch information designer Stefanie Posavec on visualising data.

Greenpeace (and 700,000+ friends) un-friending coal

As Facebook HQ builds a massive new data centre in America, Greenpeace are campaigning to stop them running the place on electricity (made by burning coal) and instead hook up with 100% renewable energy. This brilliant animated video sends the message that Facebook needs to change its energy practices or risk losing all its ‘friends’. Brilliant cause. Brilliant video.

F. Scott Fitzgerald anniversay book cover editions

Penguin book cover designer Coralie Bickford-Smith has stunned me with these new art deco inspired silver, bronze and gold foiled covers. Love love love. Want want want.

Black Swan movie posters

As much as I’m holding on to see the film, I’m also quite perfectly engrossed with these striking posters for the Black Swan. Sinister yet graceful and alluding to some of my favourite design movements.

A clever cookie

Don’t care about the contents, just want the packaging. Finnish illustrator and print maker, Sanna Annukka did these brilliant designs for M&S Christmas biscuit tins – and yes, I am the proud owner of one.

The hunter does what?

Creative user interaction gives almost endless opportunities for this great new YouTube video for Tipp-ex as users ‘rewrite’ the ending. Amazing how many alternatives they have though of, including the obvious explicit options! Brilliant use of the video platform.

I tweet, therefore I am

An interesting take on a twitter profile. Mr Coca-Cola himself, 176 years old, and he still hasn’t coughed up the secret ingredient.

Creative Conservation

Rolling on from the epic success of Elephant Parade London (25 million viewers, £4million raised), my work with Elephant Family has gone another step bigger and better. This bold and powerful new video (that also received Digital Campaign of the week!) was commissioned to push forward our petition that urgently needs 100,000 signatures. With a social media strategy helping to push this baby all over the inter-web, I’m finding myself geeking out on numbers – hits, views, shares, forwards, and of course, signature numbers – slowly but surely on the rise. Next push, can we get the ‘Fry’ to tweet about it?…

Sign the Elephant Family petition